How to shop?

How to shop?

There are three way to start shopping. Either you can shop directly or shop by category.

Direct Shopping : Direct Shopping Page provides you the list of merchant, just select and click on the merchant link, it takes you the merchant website. Shop simple.

Shop by Category: It help you to shop by category. So that you can find latest offer for particular category.

Example : You might be searching for book, to find the latest book offer, you need to search by education or book category. It helps you to search  latest offer running on books instantly from various merchant.  Click the link on latest news and find the deal.

Loyalty Club India Group: It help you to get the latest offer in you email. You can get Amazon future and bestseller offers in this group.  Join our Loyalty Club India Group and get all latest offer in your email daily or weekly. This group help you to know latest and future offers from top merchants of India.

To see latest offer register at Loyalty Club and Join the India group  here.

Note: You can only read the content after login to your Loyalty Club account. So register first.